Jocelyne M. Williams 

   When I’m not building my personal and professional brand, I’m building my wardrobe! Retail therapy is this girl’s best friend. Fashionable and chic are two words used to describe my sense of fashion, inside and outside of the office.  Always leading by example, I am driven and inspired by change. People are only limited by their own manner of thinking, so I vow to take the limits off! For a millennial on the rise, there are no shortcuts to lasting success, and I won’t settle for anything less.

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 I support diversity and inclusion efforts for all aspects of business, through organizations like BWISTEAM-ATL (Black Women In Science Technology Engineering Mathematics ATL), TAG, MAAP, and WIT (Women In Technology).

​Curating and moderating my Women & Leadership panel series and developing content for forward thinkers, keeps me busy! I enjoy building and connecting mutually beneficial relationships.


   I am a Saint Louis native with the determination and vision to solve any problem. As an emerging trailblazer, I am excited about managing organizational development of talent and  processes. As a growing Project Management Professional, the focus lies in bridging the communication gaps in cross-functional companies. Architecting and empowering high performance diverse squads is my passion! As a leader among my peers, I believe in creating my own lane, and empowering those around me to do the same! 

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